Watch our massively updated for 2019 Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping tutorial now!


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►► Why You AREN’T Making Sales:
►► 10 Things To Do BEFORE Dropshipping:

***TIMESTAMPS FOR EACH STEP*** – Skip ahead to the step you want to watch.

Step 1: Sign Up For The FREE Shopify 14-Day Trial 2:20
Step 2: Install The Free Shopify Theme Minimal 4:26
Step 3: Install The Oberlo Shopify App 5:40
Step 4: Install The Oberlo Chrome Extension 9:16
Step 5: Add Aliexpress Products To Your Store With Oberlo 10:24
Step 6: Add Product Collections 12:34
Step 7: Edit Your Product Pages 14:17
Step 8: Add FREE Trust Badges To Your Product Pages (NEW in the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 20:49
Step 9: Add Free Shipping To Your Orders 22:37
Step 10: Set Up Shopify Payments & PayPal (BIG update for the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 25:11
Step 11: Add Branding To Your Store Checkout 29:14
Step 12: Create An About Us Page 31:26
Step 13: Create An Contact Us Page 33:44
Step 14: Add Menus To Your Store 34:23
Step 15: Create Your Store Design & Homepage 37:56
Step 16: Add A Store Favicon (NEW in the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 44:13
Step 17: Add Facebook Messenger Livechat (NEW in the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 45:13
Step 18: Select A Payment Plan 47:31
Step 19: Choose A Domain Name 48:44
Step 20: Send Your Store LIVE! 50:57



  1. I’m on the Creating a zone step for free shipping, while trying to add the United States it says “in another zone” and won’t let me. What do I do? Does it mean it’s already selected Or do I just leave it alone?

  2. I will have to thank you so much, because you will be one of the main reasons my whole life has financially changed and improved so much more. I am tired of working two to three hard jobs for cheap. Thank you so much

  3. Hey, I have a question.
    What if the product I sell for $20 cost $10 on aliexpress, and the shipping on aliexpress costs like $11 in some countries, and i offer free shipping worldwide, will shopify charge me a dollar? or will the order cancel automatically?

  4. I'm completely new to this and would like to thank you ever so much for sharing your knowledge. I have a few questions about the business side of things:

    1. Do I have to declare myself as self employed?
    2. Do I have to register for VAT as soon as my shop is up? its only a one product store
    3. It asks about the companies address… I work from home so do I use my home address?
    4. You provide shopify with your business name. Do I need to register this on the gov website?

  5. There is no reason to dropship from aliexpron ali are already on ebay and for alot cheaper than you can offer , 1-2 percent income per item, is best i can do, and why would buy from your low level store when they can buy same item, from professsional store with alot of feedback

  6. Hi Wholesale Ted, I am not seeing where to connect my card on Aliexpress and to connect it to my Shopify store? They removed this from Oberlo as you mentioned in the comment below. Where on Aliexpress do I do this or do I just wait to fulfill an order and Shopify will show me? I have researched is elsewhere and nothing recently has been posted on this workflow. Thanks and thanks for your videos.

  7. One of the most informative videos i have ever seen! I am curious about how you connect Printify, Apliiq, Amazon, etc, to Shopify. Is that something that Shopify will explain or help you with? Again, Awesome video.

  8. Words not enough to describe how I'm grateful for all the valuable knowledge I learned from you. because of your first tutorial video, I created my store and started making sales. You're the best, Sarah!


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