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Everyone knows to publish their books in KDP, KDP Print, and ACX, but did you know that you can publish the same book in a lot more channels? On top of that, there are ways that you can reuse the same content (like bundle books) to create a brand new book. This can easily get you a ton of new books and build up your passive income portfolio in your kindle publishing business.

I will show you the best way to uploading books on Draft2Digital, Publishdrive, how to upload on Ingramspark, how to translate your book to Spanish using the writing summit and their great Spanish translation package, and more.

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  1. BRO i loved it. will You please Help me about publishing. i've published 10 books but i just earned 17 k in last 8 month. but 9 Books sales are not well lately 🙁 Fuck.

  2. KDP Select programme can run every 90 days [and holds amazon rank of said book], but turning it off and on to place on publishdrive and draft2digital will prove a chore and drop the kindle rank. So is it worth it?

  3. I am big big fan of yours from very long time. Wishing you all the best. The best part of your videos is that you are more organized than many others. I always believe using powerpoint or screens is best idea to explain most of the topics rather just keep talking and talking in front of camera. May you recover soon …

  4. You sound great! Thanks for the powerpoint slides….I took some great notes. Can you talk about your strategy for creating books tailored just for the ACX audience? Is keyword research done any differently? I see search results on Audible but I don't know how to measure the search demand. I know you have to have an eBook version before you can upload to ACX

  5. Thank you! I hope your jaw is healing well! AND I love all your tips. I am mostly on KDP with journals and a few books/paperback/ebook and ACX. really want to get them up on all other platforms. I've even seen that you can put low content journals up on IS as well. are you sure you can put up Spanish versions on KDP? and how many books do you have up on KDP/IS etc….? and where do you buy your ISBN's?

  6. Wishing you a quick recovery. Thanks for your no nonsense content. You hit all the important topics and lay them out in an orderly and we'll reasoned manner. Two more items to kill on my checklist and I'll be back on the author quest again. Cheers.


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