In this video, I am going to share how to build a complete marketing funnel.
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Definition- The purchase funnel, or marketing funnel, or sales funnel is a consumer-focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a good or service. There are a bunch of questions that come to one’s mind while creating a sales funnel. Some are important, while others are crucial. Here are six questions to ask when putting together your marketing funnel to make sure that it is actually selling something that people want. Selling to the right people, and making you money while building a sustainable business, which is the goal of any marketing funnel.
In this video, I cover six questions to ask yourself to build a complete marketing funnel.

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  1. Alex, your channel is awesome. All the stuff about giving away the course gets annoying, but it looks like it’s actually getting people engaged lol. I don’t even want to look how much it costs, I ain’t a fool.

  2. Questions about the contest: Do video links shared via email count too? And if I share more than one video, should I keep re-submitting the form each time? (It says "Link the YouTube video that you liked and shared" on the form, not "links you liked and shared".)

  3. Alex I am at the first stage of just trying to find emails for my online personal training clients. I love your videos, great info. When just starting out Where do I go to actually find emails? I don't need businesses but only individuals. Where can i find a place to just get emails? or what do you recommend? thanks

  4. Hey Alex, aren't #2 and #4 basically the same thing? Although, I was faced with this scenario recently. For example, each year the NYS Society Anesthesiologists, Inc. conference is held in NYC and I could either go there and past out flyers or purchase a booth and have them come to me to discuss my service. With hundreds of doctors coming from all over the country the ROI is worth it.

  5. This is something Ive been looking into adding as a skillset(generating leads in addition to specialising in closing the qualified leads.)

    How would you fit the marketing funnel concept into a B2E kind of business? Something like Enterprise Architect services that aim to streamline the logistics and systems to ensure sustainable growth and cost effectiveness?