Is running your Shopify store taking you more than 30 minutes per day? If yes, it’s time to look into hiring your first virtual assistant. 🚀 Free Training Webinar + Our List of 237 Product Ideas:

Stop and think for a moment about why you made a decision to start an online business…

I’m betting that there is a good chance that at least part of your answer to that question is that you wanted to improve your lifestyle and build a business that would enable you to choose how you live your life rather than have that dictated by a job.

Whether your goal was to find location independence to travel or just to have more time to spend with your family. Your goal was more time (as well as a bit of money right?).

At the same time as finding more time, many of us want to build and grow our business, or maybe we want to have multiple businesses and income streams.

These two goals can lead to a conflict where the more your lifestyle business grows the more work it produces. When you add a second, third, even fourth store to your portfolio things can build up.

Things can quite quickly go from working an hour or two a day to finding yourself with enough work to cover the job you were originally trying to escape.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could clone yourself and let the duplicate you take care of all of that maintenance so you can focus on business growth (or even a week-long vacation) without having to stress about your store?

Sound crazy? Well, it’s not. That’s exactly what a virtual assistant is for.

In this week’s episode of Drop Ship Weekly, I share tips for hiring your first Virtual Assistant for Shopify.

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