Concept And Research

It’s important when planning out your to take your time and do some research use Google, Facebook, forums and the Shopify app store to see what people are having problems with and other products out there similar to yours.

When you do have your idea brainstorm with some friends and colleges and to get a different perspective on your idea. If you want to use our private Facebook group too.

The key points to remember are;

– Will it make money for people
– Will it save time
– Will it solve a recurring problem

If you don’t have an idea all ready for your software here are a few links to help get started on your own research.

Our channel is for all things ecommerce with a focus on how to videos. Training on the best ad platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

We are a group of ecommerce marketers with a goal to share tips on what is working today.

Everything is covered from product photography to running ads and everything in between.




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