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Instagram is a great social platform for generating lots of traffic to your business. If you didn’t know before well I’m happy to share that fact with you now! I’ve generated well over $100,000 making money online with Instagram alone so I know the possibilities are truly endless when you know how to use it to market your business effectively.

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Since IG is a visual platform it is great for brand-building, building your team, and selling a product or service that you have to offer to a targeted niche.

As your followers grow your reach and your exposure grows as well. In My Power Distributor PRO training for struggling Herbalife members and in my MEGA level training for struggling small business owners I teach you how to put your “Instagram on Steroids”. Putting your Instagram on Steroids will allow you to generate hundreds of NEW Followers, NEW comments, NEW likes, and even NEW sales each and every week for your business. But do you want to know the best part about the training? I teach you how to do it on automation so that you are getting new followers, new sales, and new comments even while you are sleeping and/or at work.

If you really want to make money on Instagram then I highly recommend that you add tons of value to your Instagram page. Add the kind of stuff that your followers would be most interested in and content that your followers will gain value from.

The purpose of your bio should be for you to add the link to a CAPTURE PAGE so that you can collect leads from the people who subscribe to you. I can’t tell you how many people in business are completely missing out the ability to make money on Instagram because they collect NO info whatsoever from the people who click on the link in their bio to learn more.

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