In this video I’m going to show you How To Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Any Videos and you can generate over $100,000 per month by doing this and I show you examples of channels who are making millions from this method.

It’s easy to start making thousands from YouTube and you don’t even need to make any videos to make a passive income.

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  1. Hi mate, new subscriber… I have a question How do you properly upload and monitize compilation videos from for example TikTok or Instagram? I see a lot of people doing it but TikTok has copywrite music, is there a way around this?

  2. Nbro, I m from india & I m one of your subscribers, this video I and my friends like very much, because we think long term for stared YouTube channel but I haven't any skills, how to create video etc, & most problem I haven't leptop or computer, only mobile phone (android, bcs our financial position is not good) that's why your video we like, I requested to you teach us more about how & when I created without copyright video's & put directly on our YouTube upload by mobile phone, I hope you understand us & help us to make our first YouTube video channel….thanks,…..god give you long life.

  3. This does not work anymore since the update . You will get your channel deleted by doing this now . YouTube will tell you it’s against their terms you are not allowed to upload reuse content . Adding watermarks and intros do not cut it anymore .

  4. You don't show how much money YOU made from doing this. Also, whoever's decides to do this have to pass the monetization process. Another thing you left out. 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours watch time.