In this video I show you how you can make money on youtube without making any videos yourself. It’s important you stick to the YouTube YPP rules and follow what they’re stating but if you do this you can make a great passive income and lots of money.

It’s easy to start making thousands from YouTube and you don’t even need to make any videos to make a passive income.

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How To Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Any Videos

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  1. When uploading royalty-free videos on my channel, that's when you make your own title and compilations out of some just to prove the rights are used or always be mention**I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC**?

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!! Jamie………. What you are sharing for free is really going to help me!!!!!! I have spent hundreds of dollars on YouTube courses and they have never shared what you are sharing for FREE. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi jamie i have been on the net for about 3 years and listened to many so called experts, some of them are OK but most only tell you what they want you to know and leave a lot of detail out with you, you explain every detail one should know, i am very impressed do you do mentoring

  4. Guys, please be careful on using footage from Shutterstock because just because it says royalty free does not mean you can use it for free, you need a licensed subscription or pay for each video clip, This is a very big misunderstanding in the youtube space, So please be very careful!.

  5. Great content again Jamie. You are the only person I have found who can show real social proof that you actually know what you are doing. No rented cars to sit in front of or simple hype of what you are making. You have the actual plaques from YouTube. The REAL deal. Thanks again.

  6. Hey Jamie great content again. So I've been wanting to get into the YouTube game. I did look into the kids niche like you spoke about in one of your older videos and complication like tech zone. I'm a bit indecisive as to what has the better return on investment. What is your advice? Do you do coaching?