How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Any Videos


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If you want to learn How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Any Videos then watch the above video.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online especially on YouTube, YouTube is great because you could get thousands of free quality visitors to your website and make money online at the same time.

In the above video, I’m giving you some powerful resources which I believe you would of not get by purchasing products and systems, so I hope you appreciate my effort in bringing the best of the best.

Watch the video to the end and take massive action if you’re serious in learning on “how to make money on YouTube without making any videos”.

I share the best and easy business model to achieve your income goals using YouTube which is affiliate marketing because this is a Billion dollar industry, plus this doesn’t require any technical skills, any website or blogs, you could get started with minimum or no budget.

For this industry example, I share my live clickbank results and show you how to register with clickbank.

The reason I share clickbank is because it’s the NO 1 affiliate product network that has very good products to promote and make money..

Once you have created your free clickbank account then it’s time to create a free YouTube account, once you have both then it’s time to select your niche.

In this case you have to remember that you always go for the competitive niche where there’s money to be made, so which ever niche and product you select, make sure you do a research on YouTube by typing the product name or the market using a broad keyword, if you see six figure plus views on most videos then it’s a good market to go after otherwise no.

You could also do your research using the spy tool I share within the above video.

This tool will make it easy for you to make money on YouTube.

Once you have selected your niche, then it’s time to record a video and upload it to YouTube, now for this, you will have to watch the above video called “how to make money on YouTube without making any videos” because I have shared 2 great sources to get the videos, download it and then upload it to YouTube.

Once you have uploaded your videos, it’s time to promote your channel, so make sure you go to your targeted videos and leave reasonable comments, this way you will start to receive traffic.

OH YE. don’t forget to put your targeted kw in title and description using the recommend tools I have shared within the above video.

So this was the secret method on how to make money on YouTube without making any videos.

If you want to learn more ways to make money online especially on YouTube without making any videos then
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My channel is all about clickbank, traffic generation, make money online, work from home, affiliate marketing and lead generation.

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How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Any Videos


  1. Great Sir your doing well for people who make money online, in the past, I had no idea about these free methods of promoting products.
    when I have seen that video i got surprised by what people are doing there on the Internet.

  2. Hey, I'm thankful for your great video. Amazing stuff! I learn much in this video. But I have a question about Copyright. How can I copy a video from an owner? Downloading and uploading in my channel? Or I didn't understand well? There are rules for copyright and Youtube could me punish for this.Ilook for your answer.

  3. Gr8 learning & true guidance for newbies like us struggling 2 make some money, thnx a lot 4 ur efforts! But a confusion, U said not 2 add Affiliate link @ 30.25 mins of Ur video, then, @what point of time can we add Affiliate link? Pls hlp & reply or else ur teaching wud b of no help 2 me:( Thnkng U once again!!!


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