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  1. what I don't understand is how are these video getting so many views and how are they getting so many subscribers, I get that views will come from subscribers and maybe from suggested video, but I'm not seeing any of these video's ranking for their keywords, so where is all the traffic coming from in the beginning of the channel???….. I keep asking these questions and not one person that is doing these types of video's is saying anything except "hey look how much I'm making, buy my course"… GREAT!!….. I'm pretty sure this guy won't answer either…. it's a simple question

  2. Please ans me this question.
    Im soo very confused about this.

    If i Download a video from any creator who has not put any watermark on his video.
    And i uploaded his video by some trimming and cutting.
    Will i still get copyright?
    See the thing i am confused about is,How can a person strike me even if the video orginally is not supposed to be his.
    So in whose hands is the authority to copyright me?
    The original owner of that video
    (Which i am probably sure will not strike me as i am promoting his video)

    Or is it the creator who can give a strike to me?
    ( Remember i am uploading his video which has not got a watermark)?
    I hope you understand my question ?
    Please ans