Howdy! Are you ready to join the Kindle Publishing (KDP) Corona rush? Then this video is for you! By the end of this 4 part series, you will discover:

1. How to get started in your road to success
2. How to do Kindle keyword research
3. How to order a potential best selling book
4. How to get an enticing book: cover, description and title
5. How to publish your books for maximum performance in KDP
6. And much, much more…

Is Kindle publishing still profitable in 2020? Yes, more than ever in fact! Why? Due to the current worldwide situation:
– Many publishers have quit and vanished like wind
– Got millions of new hungry customers looking to purchase products online. Pss…. in particular Kindle publishing books and audiobooks.

So don’t waste time and get started today. Go on top and click on that, “play” button.


  1. Sorry, I made a mistake in my video. You need to belong to United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland in order to join ACX. Otherwise, you should form a LLC in the US. Of course, you may create a company in another country. But in my experience, US has less bureaucracy and tends to be cheaper.

  2. Please Jordan make video or explain to me here if I’m not us citizen how I can make my account in acx and I’m already have American bank payoneer and us address from viabox but when I made account acx I didn’t complete the tax interview because I’m worry to do something wrong so you can explain please I can continue or no ????????? And if no you can explain to me here please ?????????