What the heck is the right price for each review? $1.5, $2, less or more? Let’s talk about this in this video.

Getting reviews often may be a hard process. For one finding the right virtual assistant isn’t easy. Many virtual assistant suck or overprice their job.

So what can you do? Well watch this video here!


  1. Fantastic Video Jordan, What do you think of bangladesh VAs, I been using a few and some are hit and miss,

    For example, one of my VAs I do a 5 day free promo and he takes up to the full 5 days and sometimes the promo is over and he still hasn't posted a rvw yet, is this okay?

    His excuse is "i have posted many rvws, but amazon take the time for live so what can i do if they take the time for live?""

    PM me at my email, I need a new VA brother, thanks ; ))

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