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  1. I have several audiobooks published in the same niche that are making sales already. Is there a way I can setup the list-building/brandbuilding machine on these existing titles? Would love a video on this or just your thoughts.


  2. Hey Twins, just got my first audiobook on audible today!! Havent done any marketing yet, and I sold 1 already. By the way, I think I saw here or somewhere, that audible can give you 25 free copies to do marketing with, but I cant find how to do that , or maybe I was dreaming and that's not possible at all, I don't know. Can you guys help me out with that?

  3. Hey, I really appreciate all ur work. U very generous. My only criticism is that sometimes it's hard to keep up with u. Also, the Chrome extension for BSR is a paid add-on, right? Otherwise, thx so much for leveling up ur game. I really appreciate it.

  4. Here are my questions:

    1. Title Content, Length, Main and Sub. Should the title be sexy? key word packed? titles, titles, titles.
    2. Niche – How many books is max on same topic in same niche?
    3. Book Length – You promote 20K words, but can we still prosper with 8-10k word books?
    4. ACX Length – You promote 2hr minimum, but is a bundle of 4 one hour books just as effective?
    5. Background sound on AXC books. Yes, No, Makes no difference?
    6. First person, second person, third person? Example. "You should do this…" "I do this.." Some poople"
    7. Reusing content from past books in certain sections? Yes, No? Against any rules?
    8. Advertising yourself or your coaching in the books. Self marketing. Yes, No, Maybe?
    9. Print version back cover. How important? How detailed?

    You guys rock. I feel the vibe that you are going through some changes and reorganization, deeper than you shared. It can be a unnerving time. Trust your souls. You guys are young and running at 100 MPH. Ease up. We are with you when you are up, we would be with you when low, we only ask one thing and you seem to give it….we want your authenticity. Namiste.

  5. Hello Twins! I'm interested in purchasing you "10k audiobook booster program" I've got some questions

    1. This $147 per month is for the total of how many month?

    2. Is there a refund policy for this?

    3. Can we join this program for a one or some months only?

    4. What's the difference btw this program and the "Audiobook Income Academy"?

  6. I totally agree with you guys!

    In March I made over 8k:
    – 4k with Kindle & Paperbacks
    – 3k with Acx
    – 1,5k with Draft2Digital

    Don't completely rely on just one thing!

  7. Hi Twins, first, I love you! a few days ago I've bought your course and I'm now ready to publish my first audiobook, thanks! Your AIA course it's awesome! Anyway, I was listening lately the book " The Millionaire Fastlane" by MJ De Marco and it says that there are 2 way of doing business, first, be a piggybacker and create your business thanks to another company, for example, selling goods on Amazon, have a channel on Youtube, do affiliate marketing etc and the problem with being a piggybacker is that you rely on another company to survive, if they, for example, Amazon, change their rules, or they decide to close your account you lose your whole business in a night and that's it's really risky, it's like hitching a ride, you are not in control of the ride, of your business, the driver (Amazon is), the second way it's to build a business from scratch in and be in total control, you are the only one in control, not anyone else. So, that being said, this statement made me think, it's really a good way to build a business by relying on another company? For this reason, I think Amazon publishing is a really good way to make money, but it should be your second business, not your first because if they close your account or change a policy you could lose your business very fast, what are your thoughts on that? My idea is to build a passive income thanks to Amazon, but then as soon I've good earning by it I'll leave it and go to build my "real" business, because honestly, the idea of not being in control of my business scares me, but I agree that's a really good way to make money so that you can use them to start another business where you will be 100% in control. Sorry for the long message, but I'm curious to know what you think about it. Thanks boys!

  8. Definitely agree with this, ACX is just 1 part of publishing, AMS, Paperbacks, Descriptions etc all put together= more $, would love to see more on list building and affiliate marketing as that’s the one thing I’ve never gone into properly!