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In this video I will show you How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos.

I will show you the best way to do it by actually going out there and taking viral video content (which is perfectly fine) and post it yourself so you can monetize it with google adsense.

I make money online by using this strategy and it allows me to be successful with it.

So you want to know exactly how to make money on youtube without making videos at all, here’s how.

if you have questions on how to make money on youtube without creating videos then please ask in the comment section below. I will answer all of them haha

So yeah in this video i’m gonna show you how to make money on youtube without making videos 2019! That’s what I did and I hope you liked it.

See you in the next one!


  1. Type in Top 10 soccer goals then apply the Creative Commons filter and views are garbage. In this video he unselected that option to show you the millions of views. This is fake and it doesn’t work.

  2. So this is basically an ad for his software which im sure will charge you to use if you use it so skip to the end of the video and decide for yourself if you wanna give him your money