Setting Up Your Home Office

Before you can start your own home business, the one
thing that you should do is to designate a place for
you to work. The area that you work in should be free
of distractions and have a computer,a desk, a phone, a
connection to the Internet, and, if possible, a
bathroom. This way you will have everything you need
until you take your lunch break.

Something to remember is that you are ‘at work’ in
this area. An ideal solution is to have every
distraction taken care of. This means that you have
someone looking after your child, if possible. If your
child is younger than school age, hire someone to look
after them during the day.

This may seem strange since you are working at home,
but would you take a baby into your office with you?
Probably not – your boss wouldn’t allow it. Having
someone look after them while you are working ensures
that you will get everything done during business

If your children are school age and old enough to
understand, let them know that you are working, and
that you should only be disturbed if it’s an
emergency. If they are still young, have someone watch
them after school.

This may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you
are talking to someone on the phone they won’t take
you seriously if they hear a crying baby in the
background, or children fighting. You want to make
yourself seem as professional as you can so that
people know they can trust you.