Twitch streamers are still far behind YouTubers in terms of how to monetize their content. Let me share some things I’ve learned when making the transition from YouTube to Twitch.




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  1. The main thing that separates Harris from any other tip videos is how straight to the point he is, he has no shame telling us he had a bad earn one month, and then by doing the tips he’s sharing with us, for free, over quadrupled his monthly income the following months

  2. Lets be real the main reason your twitch is growing is because you make these videos and plug your twitch the entire time. Real twitch streamers build their viewer base off of YouTube.

  3. What does the permanent charity button do for your taxes? Can you talk about how a full time content creator deals with taxes? It's a great time for some "creator and taxes" content I suspect.

  4. This is a first… I didn't know that people would choose this as a career… To be honest I would respect an educated employee with a little salary more than an uneducated lazy loser who streams games with a big income (real world)

  5. Ma mans is deep. He talked about the reason most fail is by trying to make money and not grow and at the end wraps it up with GIVING. The studies are true and not only does giving help others it assures in many ways that you never are controlled or love your money wich will help tremendously with keeping the prespective of not trying to make money wich by doing wont leave you crippled if you dont and that's life isn't it? BRO! IM LOVING THIS!

  6. Man man. I tried to hate on you. I really did. I tried to pass you off as the run of the mill, surface level, top 5 broad tips channels BUT! You give the not so common sense things. You give the business man things. The deeper things that people need to hear. Thanks bro.

  7. Ay man I wanna say thank you for giving me the inspiration I needed to grow my channel. Right now I'm very small on twitch but I feel that you have already helped me improve my stream. I have went and spent about an hour trying to configure my stream so I could cater to any viewers and potential followers that comes by, even tho I havent exactly grown yet I just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  8. I know every pc dude hates mobile gaming, but what do you think streaming a mobile device will do in the future or if it even has a future. I know I’m at the top 5% with skill level, I’ve been playing PUBG mobile…. also will we see you at Dreamhack Atlanta?

  9. Was a Hobby. But more lately I've been thinking about it more as a career. But trying to change a hobby channel into a professional channel I feel will be hard, as allot of people already know my content isnt the most exciting. Trying to change that, and dont want to just give up the channel name and start anew. Would like to keep it and turn it around with some good old fashioned elbow grease lol. Love the videos.

  10. I had a dream that I had 28 viewers on twitch and I was so happy and was laughing and making jokes but then I open my chat to interact with them, then they all left. 🙁

  11. Right now just a fun hobby . Could never leave my family out too dry financially. My job sucks right now but it pays the bills and a little more so … unless the pay is “promised” can leave . But I love too stream when I can and make people laugh and forget about life for a little while

  12. I got a question about the stream team part. I am a part of a gaming community. The community has a team on twitch. All i have on my profile is a banner for the community because i support them. Is this gona destroy my oppertunity in the long run? There is none contract signed here. Because this an open community for everyone not only a stram community. Tanks for answers

  13. Hey Alpha, i m new in you re stream so i enjoy big time you re advice towards twitch.You really inspired me and i ll keep watching all of you re videos from now on, keep up the good work that you do .With respect Daniel.

  14. Hey man, what lights are you using? If I turn on my DIY studiolights for my facecam it completely kills my background lights. But you dont seem to have that issue. How to do that?

  15. Another Great video!! I'm just about to start my twitch streams in two weeks, your videos have given me great advice on everything. I'm excited to join the community, chill and let the money come later

  16. I started streaming every single day for almost 4 months, then scaled back to 6 days a week. Lately I've scaled back to 5 days a week and it already feels like I'm not streaming enough, so hearing you say 'Stream 3 days a week' to give yourself enough time to make other content is a little shocking.. But I know you're right. Maybe I'll scale back to 4 days a week soon.


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